TEST SITE is a film about what goes on in the outskirts of civilization – where freedom is given, and taken, to express and experiment in ways not permitted in the urban world.

Temporary communities, artistic experimentation, nuclear tests, musical- and spiritual exercises where noise, size and laws don’t matter. A place that permits experiments of all kinds. Speed, art, science, weapons, music, religion, and law – it s all going through the test here.

We meet folksinger Katie Lee, medicine man James ”Flaming Eagle” Mooney, archaeologist David NicholsKaren ”dezert nymph” Reynolds, ex-homicide detective Pat Dingle, writerWilliam L. Fox, Area 51 expert Glenn Campbell, bar ownerPat Laudenklos, artist Bobby Furst, desert rave organizerWilly (Electronarcosis), musicians Mario Lalli and Tony Tornay from Fatso Jetson, drummer Johnny ”Sticks” Hilliard and poet Richard Corsano.

A film that will make you question our modern comforts and rules, and what we consider to be a normal way of living.




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